The Sa Platja restaurant relies on the ancient wisdom of traditional Catalan seafood cooking. Located right on the seafront at the north end of the beach at Tossa, it enjoys unbeatable views of the old town.

It’s main features are as follows: open all year round, kitchen open all day during the summer (March-September), set meal of the day, special menus for groups, spacious outdoor terrace, large dining room and capacity for groups.

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Our menu

Cold tapas

Shredded cod salad
Escalivada (roasted aubergine and pepper)
Russian salad
Shellfish salad
Tomato salad with tuna belly
Pickled anchovies
L’Escala anchovies
Mussels in vinaigrette
Iberian cured ham and bread with tomato
Tuna-stuffed eggs
Tuna-stuffed Piquillo peppers
Smoked sardines and tomato confit
Sardines in vinaigrette escabeche

Hot tapas

Meatballs with cuttlefish
Chistorra (spicy pork sausage)
Andalusian-style squid rings
Squid rings in batter
Griddled razor clams
Patatas bravas (potatoes with a spicy sauce)
Iberian ham croquettes (home-made)
Fried cheese with tomato jam
Galician-style octopus (with olive oil & paprika)
Potato and onion omelette
Squid with onions
Padrón peppers (spicy)
Fried anchovies
Sausages and tomato
Sautéed prawns

Fresh shellfish

Griddled red shrimps
Grilled Norway lobsters
Steamed mussels
Sea cucumbers
Griddled razor clams
Griddled lobster
Steamed cockles
Griddled clams
Clams à la marinière
Mussels in white wine
Griddled scallops with citrus fruit chutney
Seafood platter (2 people)

Fish and other seafood

Honeyed cod with garlic & oil dressing
Quick-seared tuna
Griddled turbot with vegetables
Griddled sole
Cim-i-Tomba (traditional fish & vegetable stew from Tossa)
Griddled salmon with vegetables
Prawns in garlic sauce
Andalusian-style small squids
Grilled octopus
Squid rings in batter
Cream-stuffed sea urchins au gratin
Fish soup
Galician-style octopus (with olive oil & paprika)
Griddled sardines
Fish and shellfish mixed grill (2 people)
Fish from Tossa……by weight and market price

Meat dishes

Veal entrecôte and chips
Veal tenderloin and chips
Duck magret and roast potatoes
½ grilled chicken and chips
XL hamburger and chips
Confited suckling pig with spices & apple purée
Escalope and chips
Griddled steak and chips

Eggs (evening only)

Scrambled egg, chips and ham
Scrambled egg with prawns and green asparagus
Scrambled egg with green asparagus and mushrooms
Asparagus omelette
Prawn omelette
Potato and onion omelette

Salads and tartares

Mixed salad
Warm octopus salad
Cream cheese and smoked salmon salad
Mixed tomato salad with tuna belly
Smoked salmon tartare and roasted vegetables
Tuna tartare
Avocado and prawn salad
Roast vegetable and goat cheese salad
Caesar salad with chicken


Grilled green asparagus in Romesco nut sauce
Mixed grilled vegetables
Roasted vegetables
Sautéed baby broad beans with small squids & clams
Cream of vegetable soup
White Navarra asparagus with mayonnaise

Rice dishes

Mixed paella (meat and seafood)
Vegetable paella (vegetarian)
Chicken paella
Shellfish paella
Black rice in squid ink with cuttlefish, prawns & clams
Creamy rice with lobster
Creamy rice with spider crab
Arroz de la Vila (rice with saffron, prawns, anglerfish, artichokes and garlic shoots)
Creamy rice with sea cucumber

Pasta and noodle dishes

Traditional homemade cannelloni
Spaghetti with prawns, clams and mussels
Spaghetti Bolognaise or Carbonara
Fideuà (noodles) with cuttlefish and prawns
Fideuà (noodles) with lobster


Pizza Margarita
4 seasons pizza
4 cheeses pizza
Pepperoni pizza
Vegetable pizza

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Menus for groups

We prepare special menus for groups, with a range of prices and contents.

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Restaurant Sa Platja

Av. Raimon Penyafort, 7
Tel. 972 340 597
17320 – Tossa de Mar